Mautic not recognizing bounced/unsubscribed emails

I am having trouble with self-hosted Mautic not recognizing bounced or unsubscribed emails and any help on where the problem might be would be appreciated :slight_smile:

My setup in Mautic configuration/email settings is as follows:

Email address to send from:
Custom return path (bounce) address:

Mautic configuration of Monitored inbox settings:
Monitored address: (connection tested, sucess)
Bounces/unsubscribe requests/contact replies: (connection tested, sucess)

So outgoing emails are sent out and whatever comes back, comes to

I know that "Mautic makes use of “append” email addresses. The return-path or the list-unsubscribe header will use something like The bounce or unsubscribe allows Mautic to determine what type of email it is when it examines the inbox through IMAP. The abc123 gives Mautic information about the email itself, i.e. which contact it was it sent to, what Mautic email was used, etc." (

So Mautic should be searching and reading the bounced/unsubscribed emails from that, but for some reason, it does not.

(The reason I know is that I have the address set up so that all email arriving in it is also copied to my other email And when I see that an email bounced and go to Mautic to check if it has marked it as Do not contact, I don´t see it being marked.)

Can you see any mistakes I´ve made in the setup that could be causing it?

Any idea on how to solved this would be helpful and appreciated…