Check if email bounced on a campaign

Hey, i am trying to set up a campaign.

I want to set up a campaign, send one mail to the user that filled the form and i want to unsubscribe the user if the mail bounced.

At the moment i don’t see that option under Decision or Condition.
Is it possible to do that with mautic?

Hi, bounced emails should be automatically marked as bounced.

Hey thanks for your reply,
Does the automatically marked as bounced means that mean the user will be unsubscribed?

The idea is to remove the user automatically and not send him emails if he bounced.
Is that something the system does?

Yes bounce automatically insubscribes.
I would leave them in the system, its the best way to make sure they wont get any email if you readd them.

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Hey again, i gave it a try and i tried filling a form with wrong mail.
It doesn’t seems like mautic count it at the event as bounced mail and it leave the user at is even due i set “Custom return path (bounce) address” on the configuration and that mail get the bounced mail.

Did you make some kind of change on the setting that allow you to be able to view bounced mails?

I use amazon SES an properly tied in the feedback loop via SNS. What type of bounce handling do you use?

Thanks for pointing me to the right direction,
I have added SNS and directed it to mautic callback.

If anyone else have problem similar to that this 2 pages helped me set it up

In my case i have added the both to the domain and to the email address