Custom shortcode

My idea is:
Create custom shortcodes for email. We already have the signature shortcode, but it would be nice to have more shortcodes we can use in emails.

Hello @dev570,

Can you give us some examples of shortcodes that you imagine and their concrete use cases?


Hi @pierre_a,

Here are some examples:

  • We have an about us text that is used in many emails and automations, it would be very handy to change this text globally using a shortcode.
  • We also use emails as a reply and refer to the old email below that email. In this case it would be handy to do this by shortcode as well because else we have to change all the emails.
  • Or for example a disclaimer text or other legal text or repeating text.

It could be a submenu of channels that is called “shortcodes” for example. The shortcode can be used in emails, but maybe later in other channels as well.

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I think it is called a variable in Mautic and would be the creating of custom global variables.

Hello @dev570,

Thanks for your answer.
I read your example, on my side I use “Mautic template” for this use case.
Do you try to use template?


Hello @pierre_a,

Do you mean a normal Mautic email template?
What do you mean with “Mautic template”, can you point me to the documentation about it?
Or do you mean hard code the text into a template and use that? I still would prefer to have this shortcode option as a feature request.

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Hi, you could use this:

Cannot get more flexible then that.

Hello @dev570,

You can follow this tutorial:


I bought this and works great, thanks!