Delay of days in mass email sending

Hello guys. I sent a segment (broadcast) email to a base of approximately 90,000 contacts on a Tuesday, to publicize an event that would take place on Friday of the same week, and the send bar appeared complete for me in the occasion.

However, despite the sending completed on Tuesday, some emails were still being sent the following Monday - almost a week after the campaign was sent.

In addition, the sending speed is considerably slow, taking a total of approximately 16 to 17 hours to send to a base of 60,000 contacts, on average.

Due to these issues the conversion rate of the campaigns remains quite low, and I don’t know to what extent the cause is this problem in the Mautic queue for higher base sends.

It also happens that there is a crash when sending campaigns to a large base, being necessary to clear the cache via installation in order to be able to send the campaign again.

I would like some help from the community to resolve this issue, both to know how to view the actual queue of submissions and to ensure that there is not this delay of almost a week for sending emails to a massive base. Thank you very much in advance.