Difference mautic:emails:send & mautic:messages:send

I’m not sure the documentation is really clear, what are the differences between:


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Thank you for your quick and useful answer!
I thought mautic:messages:send was there for backward capability, but it’s not the case, time to update the cron job.
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@RandomUser would you mind sharing the answer you received for this question? I’m trying to clean up any possible unnecessary cron jobs, and don’t fully understand mautic:messages:send. Thanks!

@marketsmart The cron job mautic:messages:send should be added to your list if you are using frequency rules rescheduled marketing campaign emails. (it concerned emails marked as Marketing Emails. Such emails will be inserted into a message queue IF frequency rules are setup as either systemwide or per contact.
This cron job will process this queue and reschedule sending these emails.
I am not quite sure why it mentions “messages” instead of “emails”, maybe the scope of the feature is meant to cover sms too.

The corn job mautic:emails:send should be used if you are queuing (all) emails to a spool file rather than sending them immediately. Every time the job runs it will send the emails in the queue.

More on Mautic cron jobs.

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@alban Thanks! Helps a lot. I was missing the “IF frequency rules are setup as either systemwide or per contact.” part. I do have campaign Marketing Emails going out, but I have not set any frequency rules. I do have email set up to queue to spool file. Any idea where the ‘message’ spool is located? I know the ‘email’ spool is install/app/spool/default. But anyways, I’ll keep mautic:emails:send and remove mautic:messages:send.

i am also looking for answer to this question.

mautic:messages:send is sending marketing emails which are rescheduled due to daily email limitations of that contct. You can set this limit in config / email settings / frequency