Displaying Mautic Data in Wordpress

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Before committing to Mautic, I want to find out how easy it would be to achieve the following:

My client has a “petition” sort of functionality where people sign (and opt to a) be displayed as having signed and/or b) join a mailing list.

I am proposing Mautic as a general solution to the CRM/outbound marketing needs but is there a way to be able to dynamically display on their Wordpress website:

  1. the latest “total signatories” (i.e. the total number of people who have been added to a particular list in Mautic)

  2. The names of people who have opted to be displayed as signatories (or to write this from the Mautic signup form to a Wordpress CPT)

I’ve looked through user documentation and while I can find mention of dynamic content display in terms of populating pages with e.g. a user’s name from Mautic db, and also mention of “focuses” - neither of these seem to quite do the job.

Any thoughts and suggestions gratefully accepted.

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Couple of ways you can do this. It would depend on how you would like to display the information on Wordpress.

It’s best to use a connection serve like Zapier, n8n, Integromat etc.

An example would be to use Zapier to push a segment to a Google Sheet. There are numerous WordPress plugins that display google sheet data in wordPress.

U Could do the same with Google Doc but you would need to create a doc template with merge tags for the segment data. And then show that doc on the website.

Mautic has webhook functionality as well so you could push data to a an appropriate plugin using the webhook. Short on time now, but if you give me more info I will try and find a neat solution for you.

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Many thanks for the quick reply Rob!

The client wants to keep things as high security as possible so I’m not sure about using something like Zapier, especially when it comes to any data that is personal e.g. name, email address. They’d definitely prefer Mautic to push the total to somewhere rather than have Wordpress pull it in (again to limit access to Mautic database)

I look forward to hearing your suggestions once you’ve had chance to mull over the “problem”

Not sure I am following the security concerns? Services like zapier would not be in business if they were security risks. Do a self hosted version of n8n, then only you would have access to the data in the same way u access to mautic. And u ultimately want to display the data on a website anyway - list of names that are members of the segment right?

There will have to an intermediary step as there is no Mautic to wordpress direct plugin to do what you after. Supply me a use case of the source data and how you would like it displayed in on your website and we can go from there.

I am guessing mautic form for sign up, populates a segment and then you want to display all the names in the segment as a numbered list on the site?

Hi Rob

The client is wanting to be extremely protective about where the data is sent to/through. Overly I suspect! I have explained that if it’s visible on the website then it obviates taking extreme precautions to protect the data behind the scenes :smiley:

The plan is to use a Mautic form to gather signatories and add them to a segment as you say. Though perhaps it needs to be two segments - those who want to be displayed on the website and those who don’t. Then finding a way of displaying those who do (just name and company)

The alternative to this is using a form plugin on the website that creates a CPT post for those signatories who want to be displayed and that sends all submissions to Mautic (but is there a WP plugin that can do this?)

The one that I think might be more problematic is the total number of signatories. The client wants to be able to display “xxx,xxxx signatures to date” - a bit like the petitions websites do - and for this to be a dynamic total (on their current website it is just periodically updated manually with the latest count of records from their offline database). Is there a webhook or interface that will provide that total number of entries to the segment easily in realtime (and also keep that total as being an all time total rather than reducing it if someone unsubscribes from the mailing list in the future - as they may not want to receive emails but would always need to be counted in the signatory total)

Self hosting another application to link Mautic and Wordpress sounds like an option if there’s nothing within either of the two that can achieve this - though I’m not familiar with n8n.

Thanks for your further input Rob.

Maybe I’m wrong, but why not just write a simple php query, that shows the number of people in a segment. And then on the website just embed that number. You can set to cache every 5 min.

You embed that form, and this value under it.


Joey solution might be the simplest, but not being a coder I always aim for a no code solution. But it sounds like it will be simpler to use a code for this. But that excludes me.

No code approach

I would hunt for a WP plugin that can do what you want, as there is a WP plugin for anything. Once you have that solved then you can use a webhook/api from the plugin to inject the info into Mautic. Or place a hidden mautic form on the plugin post form sumbit thank you page to capture the info submitted.

Here is a video I did on how to use hidden forms


Thanks Joey.

As Rob says “not being a coder” - I’m in that club too :smiley:

But perhaps I can find “a man who can” if Rob & I can’t find a non-code solution between us.

Thanks for the suggestion - it gives me confidence that this is doable!

I like that idea Rob too!

I’ve been delving into hidden forms using Dynamic Content for Elementor as it’s a really neat way to pass information via a dynamic URL to another page, or create/edit posts

Thanks so much for all your input