Do Mautic UTMs work in coded emails, or does the email need to be a Mautic template?

Hello all,

All our emails tend to be designed elsewhere and the html imported in to Mautic using the “Code Mode” template.

In this case, will Mautic UTMs still be added automatically to links, or is that a feature restricted to Mautic built templates only?

Hello lovely people,

Just following up on this.

Does the UTM tagging work if an email is html imported rather than built using a Mautic template?

Well the this should be easy enough to test and see on the example. Every message goes through the mautic processing before its sent out.

All links found in email get a tracking ID, utm tags, etc. So when you copy paste the email to mautic just specify the email tags on the form and links should get those UTM variables.

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