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Do you use Campaigns or Channels>Emails?

hey, I’d like to know how do you usually send stuff like newsletters. Is it all through campaign or through channels>emails?
Because in case of sending through Channels>Emails there is no option to assign a tag in case user opened the email.
Or should I use only campaigns? Searched for a couple videos on youtube but this doubt still persist. Not really a support question so hope it’s ok to post in General Discussion.

Thanks in advance.

These are 2 different features. A bit self-promo: check my channel for learning how email is sent with Mautic and what are the differences between transactional and marketing emails.

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Thanks Jozsef, watched the whole video and gave my like (57th! heh).
The description between template and segment is crystal clear. I should use segment email for newsletter but then, how do I tag who opened emails in my newsletters? The only way I do know is through campaign. If that’s the case I should have one campaign for each newsletter?