Does anybody have a favorite visual design tool or plug-in for emails?

I’d like to develop more visually appealing emails for my Mautic campaigns but I find the built in tools rather limiting.

Does anybody have any favorite design tools or plug-ins that are relatively easy to integrate? I’m not very technical so the more user friendly the better.

Looking through some previous threads I saw these:

Right now email is the priority, but down the line I’d also love to find design tools for forms and landing pages that integrate well with Mautic too.


We embedded BuilderJS - HTML Email & Page Builder by SorrentoCorp | CodeCanyon into our ecommerce module and our users design there then copy the code into Mautic. Ironically, we used GrapesJS for our email buulder previously but found it “painful” to use.

When it comes to plug-ins, it depends on what platform or software you are using. However, most design tools have a library of plug-ins that you can easily integrate with your workflow. Some popular plug-ins for design tools include Zeplin, InVision, and Marvel App. Overall, it’s important to choose design tools and plug-ins that fit your specific needs and skill level. Take the time to research and test out different options to find the best fit for you. By the way, I started using this service that help with app development and not only that.