What editor do you recommend?

Basic editor es too limited.

What plugin do you recommend to enrich emails?

are you using GrapeJS ?

Personlly we build our emails in mjml.io and copy the code over

I don’t even know what grapejs is xD

Do you have a tutorial or something? I am mautic newbie please

@mikew just gave you a link that he uses to build his email. If you go to that page then look up at top … you’ll see a button “Getting Started”. In case if you missed the link, here it is again - https://mjml.io/


If you use a Mac, you should check out this desktop app MJML App - The desktop app for MJML

It’s what I use to build all our emails. Here a screenshot of my desktop mjml editor showing a library of all the emails I have built to use in Mautic. Some of those I convert it into a template so staff in our department can use it and edit it inside Mautic to fit their needs.

If you look closely and notice something like Title One here. Title Two here then it’s an email I develop to be a template for Mautic etc.

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