Customize Stripo Template to Mautic

Has anyone used stripo to create templates?

I’ve made a template in stripo and directly exported it to my mautic.

But the problem turns out that after I edited it couldn’t be edited everything, both the writing and the pictures

Does anyone have experience on this?

(How to make a template that we make in stripo so a template in mautic and editable)

Did you add the code snippets to your HTML to support the mautic builder features?

<div data-section-wrapper="1"> ... </div>



<div data-slot="text"> ... </div>

If you don't know where to add them check out this video:
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This great tutorial from Chris will guide you through:

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Hello all

I thank you for commenting and visiting my post.

I checked the websites that you recommend, and I downloaded the video guide.

The best part is that I managed to create an editable email template from stripo to mautic.

Thank you for the video maker, thanks for sharing the mautic guide