Unsubscribe link is not working for email imported from STRIPO

Hey Gusy, I have used STRIPO to edit the email then import it directly by connecting it to our Mautic with the API code.

Its able to import without a problem and view are all good, however when I tested in inside a campaign with my contact on it the Unsubscribe URL is not working.

THis is what I noticed the unsub link is working on the prebuilt template inside mautic but not with the one from stripo.

is there any other things I need to do to make it work?

Thanks guys

What is the unsuibscribe link?
It should be {unsusbcribe_url}

Plz make sure you use a real send - not test

Hi, here is the URL:


this is the actual link from a campaign we created

What I noticed is, it will still unsubscribe you in the mautic contact email but only the page or a default confirmation page is not showing.

So this what I have found , directly imported email from stripo does not have a Base.html.twig on it which is why I am getting the error 500.

So my question is are we able to set the base.html.twig as universal like even if we use new theme it will acccess one Base.html.twig

Stripo is unable to create Mautic compatible templates.

However you can do this:

  1. Make an email design in Stripo
  2. Export the HTML
  3. Make a new email in Mautic
  4. Choose code mode as template
  5. Choose the advanced tab and copy your template. Make sure you have the right tokens fopr usubscribe and webview.

Stripo created templates won’t be drag and drop and visually editable, since they are rendered templates, in other words ‘produced’ by Stripo. This is a one way process, similarly you can’t feed back the milk into a cow.

Yup, the only issue of copying it directly to the advance tab is when you sent the email will be broken but in Preview mode inside mautic its okay but it broke when you have it on the email sincec there is no equivalent MJML file to it.

What I did is to import the HTML via theme and added the additional file like , Config and the twig file.