Does is matter if my Google cloud bitnami mautic instance is not https?

Your software
My Mautic version is:3.1.1
My PHP version is:7.3

Your problem
My mautic install is not https, actually, it’s not even a website, it’s just an IP address, so there will be no visitors.

Does it matter if it’s https or not for sending emails and deliverability?

Having https contant and links in your emails can affect your deliverability.
If you don’t use tracking and your images are linked from somewhere else, not your mautic, than this won’t matter.

I user tracking but no images

To make it more clear: if you have non-https links (image or tracking) in your emails, than your inboxing might suffer.

One more thing: as far as I know tracking cookie handling is also different for non-https sites. You’ll miss out A LOT.

Thanks, that’s an insanely long detailed article, I’ll read it tonight!

This means I’ll be missing inbound emails?

Or my emails won’t get delivered?

You will experience lower inboxing in certain ESPs, like Google.