DOI Confirmation e-mail not sent

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.4.9
My PHP version is: 7.4.3
My Database type and version is: mySQL 5.7.25

Your problem
My problem is:

I have created a very simple Double Opt in campain. Registratration form, confirmation e-mail, confirmation page are set up. Campaing workflow too.

User enters data
check if user e-mail is already in database
if yes - stop
if no - send confirmation mail
then proceed to add contact to segment
then end

very simple.

Entering the user details goes fine, data is also transfered to Mautic and contact put into the right segment. BUT no confirmation e-mail is sent. (Sending a test mail to the address works fine)

These errors are showing in the log: No errors show up

Steps I have tried to fix the problem: Set up a super simple DOI workflow, but had the same result.

Check your var/spool folder to see if the email is still in queue.

Do you have the appropriate cron jobs tested and enabled?

If the emails are queued use … /bin/console swiftmailer:spool:send --message-limit=1 --time-limit=10 --recover-timeout=900 --mailer=default

to send from queue to test.

Where do I find this folder in the backend? Or do I have to look elsewhere?

spool folder is in the var folder

For me that path is /var/spool from root.

The cron is added via the cron interface which will vary depending on how yur hosting set up.

Found it, thanks.

Folder is empty.

Cron jobs are enabled via the hoster:

Mautic Segment update: every 5 minutes
Mautic Campaign update: every 15 minutes
Mautic Campaign Trigger Cronjob: every 5 minutes

Need to setup your crons to actually process and send your emails. Cron jobs | Mautic

I think here is where the problem lies…

I have set up the cron jobs via my hoster and

Although if I start the cronjob manually, it works fine and the segment is updated.

The cronjob is set to run every 10 minutes.

Mautic error log does not give me any information. Webhoster error log also not. Support cannot help me here.

I have set the cronjob to run via URL (SSL / https).

Anyone has an idea what to look for?

Compare the full path and command for the crons that are working with the ones that are not and look for differences. I can only think there has been a mistake in how the segment cron has been loaded.

Just did… all identical but the command.

Another thing that came to my mind… could it be that the segment is somehow faulty? I have imported my contacts from another newsletter tool and maybe there ist something wrong here…?

Any way to check the data in the contacts list?

If the segment is updating as expected when you run cron’s manually then I suspect your segment is fine. But to double check create a new segment, apply a filter and see if the new segment updates when the crons fire on schedule. That way you can test if the segment ofthe imported contats is the issue or some deeper system issue.

That is exactly what I am doing right now. Created a second segment with just a few contacts. Looking forward to see if the cron is working on that one.

OK same result. The segment cannot be updated. Means the cron job is not working. Whatever reason there is. The other cron jobs are working.

Try mautic:campaigns:rebuild command
If that doesn’t work double check the filters within the segment to make sure they are correct. Sometimes disabling the segment and re-enable with “unstick” a “stuck” segment