Don't make contacts fill out a form every time they download an asset

Hello, everyone. I have a Mautic installation 4.02, and I have several assets that are available for download, and before anyone can download an asset they need to give their email address and other optional information before downloading. The problem I am having is that if people go away from my site and come back, if they are asked again to give that info for another asset, then that annoys them. So, when they come back to download an asset (which I make available from Mautic landing pages), how can we let those people download away without having to fill out another forum?

Hi, you can use dynamic content to do this.

Create 2 dynamic contents, which are not campaign dyn contents. (Switch on the right)

  1. The first one will be those conacts, who have an email already. Make sure filter sais “Email is not empty”.
    This content should just display the link to the asset (you can see this when you open an asset, right side.)
  2. The second one can be those who need to fill out the form. You can embed the form in the dyn content via Mautic shortcode {form=12}

This is how you tie in your dyn content into your page:

Super important:
When you test it, you have to use a new browsers. If you have ever logged in as admin into Mautic, you’ll have the admin cookie and the dyn content won’t be shown to you.

This applies for Mautic landing page right? What about CMS’s like Drupal?

You can insert the form and dunamic content wherever you want. It can be third party page as well.

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Thank you Joey

Hi, Joe, thank you for the tip on how to set this up. This is simpler than I was hoping (which is good).

This is the kind of tip that would be great of a Mautic cookbook.

All the best,