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Dynamic Content on Landing Page


I am using the latest Mautic version and trying to get dynamic content working on Landing Pages.
Here are the steps that I have tried:

  1. Create a simple dynamic content; Is campaign based = Yes
  2. Create a test segment
  3. Create a segment based campaign
  4. Request Dynamic content: slot name = dwctest, map to dynamic content created in step 1.
  5. Create a landing page with dynamic content slot name dwctest
  6. Manually trigger mautic:campaigns:trigger, :update, :execute
  7. Send a segment email to user with the link, link tracking is enabled
  8. User clicks the tracked link, lands on the landing page

Once the user lands on the landing page, only the default content which is added on the landing page is shown.
The dynamic content is not shown.

Is there anything else that I can try to make this work?

When you test, make sure you are using another browser where you never logged in to Mautic.

I tried using a different browser, after clearing cookies. Sill no luck.
Is there a cron job that needs to be added to process dynamic content assets?

You wrote it is campaign based. So you are showing it once in a campaign, right?
If so, check the campaign results and see if the step was completed for the particular contact.
Or to Any contact.

The step shows pending for dynamic content. Other steps like sending an email are working.
I tried a non campaign based dynamic content.
It has a filter “email” : “not empty”
A form takes an email as input, redirects the user to a landing page with dynamic content
here is a sample page form input test

I tried from a different device and network, it appears to be working.
Thank you!

Just a recommendation: why don’t use install this dynamic content without the campaign?