Using One Form for Multiple Landing Pages with Downloads

Hi everyone,

I’m using Mautic 2.16.3.

We have 10-15 landing pages that are similar in nature, but have specific text for different vertical industries or competencies. Each page has different text. Each page has a form.

Upon the completion of a form, I want to deliver a whitepaper/asset to the user. Either through email or through the landing page post form submit. So there’s an action in place where when the user submits their information, let’s say we redirect them to a specific url and send them a specific email that has an attachment.

I’d like to avoid, if possible, creating 15 separate forms for each of the 15 different landing pages. Is there a way for me to architect a smarter solution to this? Can I capture the page url or hidden field on the landing page to help determine the next action? Should I use campaigns in some fashion?

I expect that our landing pages will continue to grow, so I’m looking for best practices here if someone has had to create and manage a large number of landing pages.


Anyone have any experiences here?

I tried building a structure with campaigns and branches, and that works in practice. However, since there’s a delay for the cron job for the campaign:trigger and then again for emails:send jobs, it means there’s a delay in when the user inputs the form and when the email is received.

Unless anyone has a better idea, I think it’s back to cloning of forms and emails to get what I need?

I’m trying to work this with dynamic content, but I don’t think this will work either.

Here’s what I’m trying:
I’m able to create a form field that captures the current landing page url and save that to a custom field on the contact.
On the landing page, I’m using a Form that is a Campaign Form.
I created a campaign that is based on that form completion. I setup a Default Dynamic Content block, then a Decision to see if that form fields what I want, then a Set Dynamic Content block to force the dynamic content.
Based on the form completion, I redirect the user to a “thank you” landing page, and there’s a dynamic content block on that page that’s the same as my campaign.

However, this never fires and the redirection to the “thank you” page just shows the dynamic web content code with no content. I think this has to do with the timing of setting that variable? I’m not sure.

In my experience it would be easier to clone the initial form and change the exit url to the asset specific to that form. Update the form code on the pages as you complete. IIRC its just a change to form number in the embed code. Should not take more that an hour start to finish.

Yup! That’s what I ended up doing. Thanks for the reply, @EJL. I was thinking there was maybe a slicker way to script it through, but I think this is probably the safest in terms of a positive experience for the leads we’re attempting to capture.