URL Info for deccision in form to send different emails


I have a form (with first name, last name and email) on several Wordpress sites. I have to evaluate the page URL in the response in Mautic in order to decide in the campaign which email template should be sent.

How can I evaluate the informaion of the URL about the response in Mautic and how do I map the decision tree in a campaign? Thank you for helpful tips.

If you save the form answer in Mautic, then you can make the decision based on that value.
Is this what you mean?

Yes, but how do I get the info. What do I need to setup in the form? Sebastian

IF I am understanding the question correctly you should be able to have the contact info from all sites come into one single campaign and the first evaluation will be to eval the url which will id the particular site and then based on that evaluation send each contact to a campaign that he needs to be inā€¦ or if the campaign is not complexā€¦ just break each lead off to the section that they need in the one campaignā€¦ Possibly i did not understand what you are doingā€¦ if you have more specific info just dump it here as the more detail the more ideas you will get from the herdā€¦

Registration Tracking URL [ https://www.mysite1.com/hopper/6254-Amber-View-Street-Las-Vegas-Egypt-12345-mls-1234567 ]

I would use the Registration Tracking URL to see if something is in the URL that identifies which web site the contact is in and based on that jump to a new campaign for that site or just process it onboard the existing campaignā€¦

Simply have the initial campaign ask the specific question: Does the tracking URL include ā€œmysite1.comā€ and if yes then jump to the campaign that is set up to handle this particular siteā€¦

Hope this helps if not give me more detail on exactly how you think it should work and I will give you more detail on how to make it do what you wantā€¦

Hello, thank you for your answer. I will have several WordPress sites A, B, c, ā€¦ In each site I will integrate a Mautic form 1 with last name, first name and email. When the form is submitted I will send from a campaign for the site A a respond email A with an attached asset A. If the form is submitted from site B I will respond with email B and asset B. I donā€˜t understand how I could identify the information from which site the form was submitted. I need help with a non-tech solution :wink: Sebastian

There is so many ways to skin this cat i am not sure where to startā€¦ Since you said it would only be 3 sites one way is to make a slight mod on the normal Mautic Formā€¦ as follows:

  1. Set up a segment 1 for each siteā€¦you could even name the segments likeā€¦
    Site-1 and site-2 and site-3
  2. Of course you know how to set up 3 segmentsā€¦ its not let me know and i can point you to the instructions for that. Then for each segment you tell the form how to land the contact info on that segmentā€¦so be careful you want to make sure that Site 1 form is pointed to the segment named Site 1ā€¦ lets take an example:
    Build out segment 1 and name it ā€œWeb Site 1ā€ or what everā€¦so that you know its the NR1
    Now set up the form for Web site 1 and title that form Web Site 1.
    Now build a campaign called Web Site 1. and be sure to tell the Campaign that its source is from the Website 1 Form . This means that any lead arriving from Website1 Form will dump its contact into Website1 Segment. Which also means the contact will immediately put the contact in the data base and on the next cron run which may be between 1 and 10 minā€¦ depending on what the frequency of your campaign cron. and anything in the Website1 campaign will roll out.
    Ok now how do we tell the form that it is suppose to dump its payload (the contact data) into which segmentā€¦
    That is done by setting an action on each segment as follows:
    These items need to be done in the order below for simplest method.
  3. Visit your main mautic dashboard.
  4. Click on Segments
  5. Click on New
  6. Name = Web Site 1 alias = website1
  7. leave choices to right same as the are.
  8. Click Save and Close
  9. In dashboard click Segments againā€¦ to see the segment createdā€¦ make sure its there.
    8, Build your first form or use the one you already haveā€¦I will only show how to hook up the segment and assume you know how to set up the basic form.
  10. From dash boardā€¦ click Components then Forms
    10 choose NEW or the one you have already builtā€¦
  11. if new build the form and test to make sure it appears to workā€¦ less the segment.
    12.I will assume NEW so click NEW Standalone Formā€¦
  12. Add name "Web Site 1
  13. Click Actions then Click Add Contact to Selected Segment
    15 Probably the last on in the drop down will be your Web Site 1 click that one.
  14. Click +Add
  15. Leave all settings to the right alone unless you really need something special.
    18.Click Save and Close
    Now all we have to do is hook the segment to the Campaign
  16. From the dashboard click Campaigns
  17. Click New or use one you have already builtā€¦
  18. Click Campaign builder
  19. First thing you get is what is the source of contacts: Click Segments from dropdown.
  20. Click dropdown and select last one ā€œWeb Site 1ā€
    From this point on if you install the Web Site 1 on a certain siteā€¦ that form will deliver all the contacts to this Campaignā€¦
    If you want all leads from all 3 sites to dump on the same segment and then run it with 1 campaign you can do that tooā€¦ so let me know and I will explain the mods to make that workā€¦ but for a simple 3 itemsā€¦ probably simpler to run 3 campaignsā€¦ Good luckā€¦let me knw if you need clarification on any of thisā€¦

I did not say it but of course you must duplicate this all 3 times with site1 2 3
I would build one site and make sure it does what you want then dupe the site 1 2x and just change what needs to be changedā€¦

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Hello @tommytx123 thank you for your detailed answer. That will help me a lot.