Use mautic to capture feedback via a form in response of a campaing

I want to send an email and ask the person to “click and go to a landing" in a wordpress. For example to ask “punctuate from 0 to 10 how did you feel in the workshop”.

I want this landing to DO NOT ASK for the email address. Just have an array of buttons “from 0 to 10” like this:


How can I track the responses to the user that the email was sent to?


Same email sent to Alice, Bob and Charlie. Alice opens the email up, clicks and answers 7. Bob 6. Charlie 10. I want to flag “charlie” with a tag.

How can I do it?

You can use something with integrations already like contact form 7 (cf7) and use the poll option with a mirror form in mautic to receive the results. Ask also for the email with the answer or make people to be previously logged in wp to identify them. There are a pair of plugins to integrate wp and cf7

Pretty simple.

If they are already contacts in mautic, and you send the email using mautic, then mautic will know who each person is via the tracking pixel.

Create the email and use a different link for each number option and set a campaign to assign them a score based on the link clicked. Each link could have the same base url, just edit the query parameter, so clicks all go to the same landing page.

Thanks! Will try!!