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How to make multiuse landing pages?

Your software
My Mautic version is: 2.15.1
My PHP version is: PHP Version 7.2.22

Your problem
I am new to Mautic. I have ten eBooks that I sell. Each eBook contains a link to a different Mautic landing page.

At the moment I have 10 different landing pages. When a user signs up, they get tagged to a different segment. The segment is determined by the landing page they signed up for.

Question 1:
Would it be possible to just have 1 landing page? When the users signs up, they can select which ebook they purchased and this selection determines which segment they are tagged with. How would I achieve this?

Question 2:
Would it be possible to have just 1 landing page with different URLs (e.g., The ending of the URL determines what content the user sees on the landing page and also which segment they are tagged with. How would I achieve this?


Hi @big_smile, welcome to the Mautic Community Forums!

In answer to Question 1, you could use a campaign to assign tags (or drop them into a segment directly) based on what they select in a dropdown box, and then run your actions based on that. Of course this means having one landing page which might have branding/copy considerations.

To do this, create your campaign form with a dropdown including all the ebooks, and then create a campaign with this as the trigger. Use a condition of ‘form field value’ and select your dropdown field. Then choose an action (e.g. add tag, add to segment, etc) based on the form field value. You’d need one for each ebook:

Note, I found a small bug when testing this which I’ve reported here (there’s a video screencast in the bug report showing how to do it, if that’s helpful!)

In answer to Question 2, you could deliver dynamic content based on their actions on your website - for example if you have tagged them based on a specific action happening on the website when they purchase the ebook, you can deliver dynamic content specific to that user.

The caveat with this is you’ll need to pay close attention to your cron timings. If your users are going through this process rapidly you’ll want to ensure they are added to the campaign or have the relevant tags added asap so that the correct content is pushed when they head to the website.

I hope that makes sense!