One Mautic Installation per Website?

I’m wondering if need one Mautic installation for each website I want to monitor and manage via Mautic.

One issue are landing pages. Is it possible to change the URL of the landing pages? At the moment the landing pages have the URL of the Mautic instance and not of the page I want to market.

The customers I can organize via segments and Company name etc.
For email sending I can change the sender address every time I’m sending them. But this also is not the best solution. The possibility to send emails with the wrong sender to the customers is quite high!

What is your suggestion?



Hey @taxi I think there has been a few discussions around this issue, I do not remember exact post but there are some here.

Regarding landing pages, this is not possible with Mautic as such. There might be a way to do this with apache/nginx configurations.

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I have 5 different websites in a multi site Wordpress implementation and use the Mautic form embed in the landing pages for each domain within Wordpress. I’ve found that it’s easier to maintain trade dress in Wordpress and use the forms and tracking in Mautic. You can either use a common form for all sites, or duplicate your form for each site and then use a hidden filed and query string to determine which compaign/site is driving the traffic.

Many thanks for you answer.
Yes, you’re right. This is similar to how I’m using it at the moment with Typo3.

What you can’t change is the sender address of the emails sent by a campaign, thus it can be confusing if an email for customers of website/domain 1 receive an email with the senders address of website/domain 2.

On the one hand Mautic offers good tools for keeping track and differentiating between customers, and companies via segments etc. But on the other hand this problem can’t be solved with one Mautic installation.

Maybe it is always better not to mix it too much and go with different Mautic installations instead.

Kind regards and keep automating. :slight_smile:

BIG, BIG THANKS to all the developers who are developing such a worthy tool! I love it!