How to create newsletter sign up landing page (coming from MailChimp)


The short question would be how do you set up a landing page for collecting new newsletter subscribers and give them the option to choose segments so they’re automatically sorted into a proper segment?

The longer explanation is as follows:
I’m a first-time Mautic user coming from MailChimp. Right now, my client first wants to use Mautic to collect new subscribers through Mautic built-in landing page.
If there’s an easier way to enable people to subscribe and choose a segment let me know!

Up until now, I’ve used MailChimp and their signup form landing page. The form enables people who are about to subscribe to choose which newsletters they’re interested in (the client has 5 different types of newsletters depending on their brand and content).

In Mautic I’ve created 5 public facing segments to match what the client had up until now, but I don’t know how to include segments in the form. It seems like there is no option for that at all.

Honestly, I don’t even know if this is the best approach, but it’s the only thing I found that enables collecting data and has a standalone page separate from the main website.

My approach might be wrong since I’m searching with terms MailChimp uses so I’m getting only a few results for whatever I search.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

Other way is to create a sign up and landing page on your own website then use Mautic JavaScript to have it generate a sign up input form and to track your members like Confirm email page etc.

This is how we done it here.

We create a sign up page and insert a JavaScript string where the input form will appear at. The form look and input boxes can be update or changed at any time within Mautic without touching the web page again.

This can be done fairly easily.

  1. Create a “select” custom field and add the name of each segment as a select option for that field.
  2. Create a form in mautic and include the custom field you have created
  3. Create your landing page, either in mautic or on a website
  4. Insert the form you have created by either selecting it if you are using the mautic page builder, or use java script or html to enter it on a website.
  5. When a person signs up they select the option they want
  6. Set a segment filter in mautic to place them in the right segment based on the custom field option they chose.

U can creative with custom fields and use different types to collect data differently. for example you could have 5 custom fields for each segment rater than a single select option with 5 option. You could use radio buttons. As long as you can use the field as a filter for a segment it will work.

Thank you! This sounds somewhat doable.

I’m stuck at step 1 though.
By “select” custom field, do you mean “data type” to be set as select? The system wants me to choose “Default value” but there are non and no documentation states where default values can be set.

I’ll probably be fine with steps 2-5, now I just need to look at how segment filters work.

I wrote that based on memory.

Looking at one of my mautics now, you probably want “select multiple” assuming they can choose more than one option.

Default value is just what should be sued if they choose nothing. Choose one of you options and enter Click add value and enter the names of your options.

Then click into the default option and you will be shown the options you have created, select one as a default.

Segment filters are super easy and quote obvious. But ask if you get stuck there.

It didn’t click with me that the yellow “Add a value” is actually a button you have to use to add values :sweat_smile:
Once I figured that I was able to do all other steps aside from step 6.
Submitting the form does the following:

  • increases the number of form results
  • properly tracks the data submitted including chosen options
  • adds the user to “contacts”

But it doesn’t add the user to the segment.
I’ve modified the filter on the segment so it does pick up the custom field and includes the option chosen. But the action doesn’t happen.

So I’m either missing the step where form submission would also add chosen options to contact info, or I’m connecting the segment to a custom field incorrectly?

New contact added through the form has the chosen options under the custom field

But this filter doesn’t pick it up.

Do you have the cron jobs set up correctly? They are required for the segment filtering script to run on the server.

Thank you for the reminder, it seems that the webmaster who installed mautic on the server missed this step.
Hopefully once that’s done it’ll work as intended :slight_smile:

It took a couple of days to get corn jobs set up, but that was indeed causing that contacts were not sorted.

It’s all good now. THank you all for the help!

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