double opt-in


with gdpr approaching quickly in Europe we need to have a double opt-in solution for the email subscribers to newsletters and transactional mails.

Is there a way this can be done with mautic or do I need to work with following patch solution

form (single opt-in) subscribe to newsletter
campaign received single opt-in subscription move to segment single optin, send mail for confirmation of double optin via link to a page confirming double optin
when clicked on url and page hit on page confirming double opt-in move contact to segment double opt-in confirmed
then with all actions I would need to include is member of double opt-in segment to the filter.

seems very complicated.

Is there an easier solution?


There is no automatic DOI mechanism at the moment. I think, everyone who needs a DOI has implemented the way you outlined it.


This is getting serious now with the GDPR, every place I go and for the past 3 days i have received over 200 emails from businesses and social media sites on GDPR updates and changes and requirements, even using opensource software companies and WordPress. I really hope Mautic developers are working on a solution and the person who started this post/topic couldn’t have said it any better back in February.

If i can’t get my forms and Mautic to work the way the GDPR is going, because the USA is following suit because all my emails are now complying and changing there sites privacy and polices to be just like GDPR and that means I will end up having to find a new platform and I really don’t want to because I love Mautic.

Tracking this in GDPR control panel, social media and AdTech, I’ll be closing this topic so we can move discussions to the other topic.