Downgrading to PHP 8.0 To Intstall Mautic 4

Hello, I’m trying to install Mautic 4 on my wordpress site on hostinger. So far I have followed this tutorial:

When I go to my subdomain I get an error saying I need to downgrade my PHP version. Will downgrading the php version effect WordPress plugins/features? Is there anything I should do or consider before downgrading it?

This is a typical clickbait-e tutorial, which convinces you to self host Mautic and skips half of the info you need to set up your Mautic.
Before you ask: I can only suggest you a better tutorial if you disclose how familiar are you with command line and if you are able to run composer.


Thank you for your reply. I’m a little familiar with the command line, I don’t know much but I could probably figure it out. I have a background with object oriented programming, but php and web development is new to me.