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Drupal setup instructions incorrect?

I am trying to setup Mautic with Drupal 8.

The instructional video ( says the Mautic module in Drupal wants the URL of the Mautic site. That’s not what I see in the module, though. The configuration form for the module is asking for

Your Mautic javascript code. Example: http(s)://

Which… I don’t know what that is supposed to be. (I’m new to Mautic, just doing trials right now.)

What am I supposed to put in here? Sounds like the documentation needs to be updated for Drupal 8…

You enter http(s)://whatever-the-name-of-your-mautic-domain-name/mtc.js under Mautic URL.

The Drupal Mautic module is giving you the right instructions.