Duplicating production Mautic on different server with fresh install Mautic

I did a search in this forum and I don’t see much information about this.

I am wanting to duplicate production Mautic on an another server that have fresh install Mautic on it for testing purpose.

After reviewing the Mautic file system tree, I assume I would just only need to copy the /theme/ folder,
the /media/ folder, and /app/assets folder over without overwriting any files on the test server.

Also, export and import all of the Mautic database over.

Did I miss anything else to import over?

May I ask out of curiously why is it decided that the /assets/ folder is to be a sub-folder in an /app/ folder? Just curious is all …

You will probably want to copy your app/config/local.php since most if not all values will be the same on the new server.

Just throwing this out there: Since you want to use this for testing purposes why not just archive the entire mautic folder, export the database. Put source and database on different server and you have a testing instance.

Fresh install of source code with the existing database is not really a fresh install, thats all :slight_smile:

As for the assets folder I believe those are mautic core assets, so as such they are in app folder.