Dynamic content to copy/paste

Hi, Im in the middle of my “Mautic evaluation” and it looks like a very competent platform.

I do have one question; I would like to build dynamic emails and the “out of the box” solution seems to be a bit clumsy with our workflow.

What we do is this; we have one email divided in 4-8 parts. Then each part has a minimum of 10 versions.
So, for us, an email look like this:
Part A.0 - Part A.1 - Part A.2 and so on
Part B.0 - Part B.1 - Part B.2 and so on

Today, when an email is built, our system looks at the user profile and then “builds” the email.

Today its pretty easy, we have a excel sheet for each email and with some F() we get some code we insert.

Think of it like this:
{{if RandomIntA==0}}

Part A.0
{{endif}} {{if RandomIntA==1}}
Part A.1
{{endif}} {{if RandomIntA==2}}
Part A.2

Would there be a similar way to do this with Mautic? The ideal would be that we adjust our excel sheet and then for each mail create a email template in Mautic and just copy/paste the HTML output with the “coding statements”.

Any tips?