eCommerce Revenue like in Klaviyo?

Is there any built-in feature for e-commerce transactions to show after each email automation or broadcast you send?

It would be great to be able to track revenue from specific e-commerce email flows (welcome series, cart abandonment, etc.)

Is that possible out of the box or via some customization? If so, what’s the general direction?

This is a great question and something I think we should look at addressing within Mautic.

There are a number of thoughts around this, nothing out of the box or plugin which would be great.

Some things that I think of are using either google analytics goals or matomy with utm terms attached to mailers in order to better attribute sales/revenue to a specific communication.

Interesting to see what others are thinking and how they are attributing the performance or efforts inside Mautic to actual revenue

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UTM Links + Google Analytics is the only thing I can think of as well.

Curious if others have different solutions

Hi, we are doing this for client with pushing in every single sale via n8n:

This way you can build reports

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how are you attributing a sale coming in to a specific email or action from within Mautic ?

(Sorry @mikew mike, are you asking me?)

Hey @joeyk. Yip :relaxed:.

Oh :slight_smile:
Yeah, all the data comes in the webhook (form entry) into Mautic and N8N upon conversion or other event.

Thanks @joeyk, I’ll check with our devs :slight_smile: