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Education Team Agenda - 9th December 2019

The next meeting will be:
:calendar: Monday, 9th December 2019 at 2000hrs London time (see in your timezone )

You can join the call via this link:

Proposed agenda

  1. Introductions
  2. @rcheesley to present work done to date investigating Grav as an option for docs
  3. Discussion on providing long-form help resources (e.g. like and how to kick off content generation
  4. Discussion on forum moderation and management
  5. Any Other Business

Please confirm your attendance by dropping a message below!

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@LordPatrick @virgilwashere hope this time works for you both, let me know if it doesn’t!

@rcheesley @virgilwashere date and time is ok for me

I am hoping to join this group and help with resources.

I am already producing videos on YouTube to support Mautic.

I am on mobile so not easy to share skills from your list.

I am an administrator and a marketer.

Thanks hope I can Join you on the Dec 9.

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@rgbguy welcome to the forums, and to the Mautic Community!

Really great to hear that you’re interested in getting involved with the Education Team and looking forward to talking further on the 9th!

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Hi guys,
at the moment I’m very busy but I hope to join this group asap.
I’m producing video here:
I had a blog here:
and I wrote a book about Mautic.
I could help in producing and translating content in Italian.

Hi @rgbguy I’ll write you back asap, sorry :frowning:

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Hi Ruth, I’d like to join this, but can’t seem to find out if there is a process, other than messaging you here… please let me know .

Thanks, Dan

Hi Dan,

That’s great to hear! We will be reconvening in the New Year but in the meantime if you wanted to chat with the rest of the team you’ll find them in #t-education on Slack - you can get an invite at if you’re not already there :slight_smile: