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Education Team definition & call for members

Based on the work carried out in the Mautic Community Summit last week to implement the proposed Governance Structure, please find below the definition for the Education Team.

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The first meeting will be organised for Wednesday, 27th November 2019 at 1000hrs London time (see in your timezone here).

The Education Team is responsible for the Forum, Mautic Documentation and Internationalization. The team’s mission is to keep the forum clean and constructive, the documentation to be of high quality; understandability and accurate, and to ensure multilingual availability.

Missions and expectations

To improve the resources available for new and established users to learn how to use Mautic


  • Quality of contributions

    • Are the answers to asked questions correct? (ensure they are marked as a solution)
    • Is it an often asked question? → Add to documentation
    • Are there multiple posts about the same thing? → Merge into a mega-post
  • Forum Rules

    • Which rules are appropriate
    • Which rules are relevant / needed to keep the forum working fine
  • Moderate Forum / Assign Moderators

    • Moderate posts by themselves
    • Elect moderators who moderate the forum for them
  • Redirect all Support questions from Slack to Forums

    • Very visible hint in Slack (how? “Pinned message”, Slackbot, …?)
    • Manually moderating Slack & moving stuff to forums
    • Automatically moving stuff to forums?


  • Quality

    • Maintaining a high quality
    • Review accuracy of the documentation
    • Keeping it easy to understand
  • Completeness

  • Up to date

    • Ensuring that the documentation is kept up to date with major releases
    • Document changes coming with those releases
    • Merge PR’s when they come in for new features
  • Languages

    • Keeping native translations accurate (FR/JP)
    • If necessary add more translations
  • Educational blog content

    • Curating and writing content to be used in the community blog
  • Mautic app (and website/marketing?) internationalization

    • Own Transifex and appropriate workflows
    • Manage multilingual marketing materials (e.g. website, fliers, etc)
    • Work tightly with Community, Product and Marketing teams

Profiles of contributors needed in this team

We need insights from:

  • New users
  • Established users
  • Administrators
  • Developers
  • Theme builders
  • Business owners considering Mautic
  • Business buyers/procurements

We need people with skills as:

  • Trainers
  • Marketers
  • Video producers
  • Content creators
  • Documentation writers
  • Editors
  • Translators

Would you like to be involved in this team?

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:calendar: The first meeting will be organised for Wednesday, 27th November 2019 at 1000hrs London time (see in your timezone here).

:white_check_mark: Please provide your availability on this Doodle poll.

:telephone_receiver: The call will be on Jitsi using this persistent URL:

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Based on the availability submitted so far, I have selected Wednesday, 27th November at 0900hrs London time (see in your timezone here)

Hi @rcheesley

My Motivation:
I think documentation is horrible right now…
Especially for beginners and as it seems for established users too the concept of mautic functionality is a “black box mystery”.
Documentation must give an overview and explain the concepts and principles in a way a new user can get up and running fast.

I also see many possibilities to improve mautic functionality from the users perspective and from the marketers view.

My insights:
New users
Business owners considering Mautic

My skills
Video producer
Content creator
Documentation writer (German)
Translation (German)

The only problem could be time :wink:

I will atttend tomorrow to see what can be done.

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Great insights and motivations, look forward to talking further tomorrow!

Sorry folks I realised this clashes with the community call, so will need to push it back by an hour to 10am instead of 9. I’ll update the post accordingly!

Thanks to everybody who joined the meeting! Here’s the notes, and the recording if you want to catch up:

:calendar: Next meeting is proposed to be scheduled for Monday, 9th December at 8pm London time (in your timezone here)

See the agenda here: Education Team Meeting Agenda: Monday, 9th December 2019 - please add a comment on the Agenda thread if you’re planning to join us!