Email A/B Testing improvement

Today the app allows to make A and B version and get results of it.
The best way to manage it would be to have the ability to send a A and B version to a sample of the database (like 10% of segment) and then automatically send only A or B to the rest of the audience depending on the sample result.

==> Choose the amount (%) of the sample
==> Choose your winner criteria (as today) and the date it should be acted
==> Send automatically the 100%-sample emails with the winner version

This would be a great addition. Hard to isolate a percentage of people to receive the A/B test before moving onto the winner.

Anyone know if there’s been any progress here, or does anyone have a workaround for this issue? We’re looking into exactly this workflow, and haven’t found a solution yet (making separate “sample” segments opens a can of worms when managing multiple campaigns that send staggered emails…)

Has no one else requested this feature ? Seems like a standard A/B Testing Requirement