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Visually see AB test split

Copied over from Github thread:

It would be awesome to have the ability to split the contacts in different branches within a campaign to A/B test a scenario.

See competition:

FYI - It looks like this is a feature in Acquia Campaign Manager:

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Our use case is different than what is shown in the randomizer. Basically we would like to be able to use a A/B campaign just like an A/B email works right now.

Create a segment that includes all users.
Have a % go on Campaign A and get a set of emails
Have a % go on Campaign B and get a different set of emails

Determine revenue from each Campaign, pick a winner and have all future users use that Campaign.

Right now the idea of A/B emails doesn’t really work at a campaign level, as often they are completely different designs. If only sending one email to a user in a campaign then it’s fine, however if you have a campaign with multiple emails you don’t want one user getting one layout for email 1, 2, and then a different layout for 3. Instead it would be nice to be able to give user 1 all emails with layout 1, and user 2 all emails for layout 2. Then compare the two and either go with layout 1 or layout 2 depending on success rate.

Creating two branches in a single campaign with a split option would work as well as long as reporting would be possible based off each branch to determine the winner.