Email builder bugs : freeze-lags, have to refresh the page and loose modification

Your software
My Mautic version is: mautic-v3 3.10.102 #15284 SMP
My PHP version is: 7.2.14
My Database type and version is: MariaDB : 10.5.6
Phpmyadmin : 4.8.5
Serveur web : nginx
Number of contact in database : +50K

My problem is: the email builder can be heavy to handle

These errors are showing in the log: I don’t have precise logs because it actually happen a lot when I am using the email builder

  1. When I update a template I have some issues : sometimes the modification isn’t in the history anymore so “CTR+Z” can’t bring me back to a previous vesion of my email. I cand only refresh my page. in this case, I loose my modification

  2. Sometimes the email builder freeze, I can’t do any modification, I can just refresh my page and loose my modification.

  3. Modification in the html directly are sometimes not saved even though I saved the html. Also, would it be possible to research in the HTML with “CTR+F” ? The fact of using a builder is to avoid going into the code too much but, especially with bugs it’s mandatory. Having the possiblity to research directly ine the code with CTR & F would be great and save some time :slight_smile:

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Hi, Which email builder is this? Activated by Plugin (Gpapesjs) or the one that ships with Mautic ?

Hello, Joeyk yes we use the GrapeJS !