Email Delivering Issue

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My Mautic version is: 2.12.2
My PHP version is: 7.0.33
My Database type and version is: AWS

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My problem is:

Hello Everyone,

I’m having an email delivery issue,

Let me give you the scenario.

I got data of 160k customers and I send 2 to 3 newsletters in a week.

The problem is when I send 1 newsletter to 160k users it gets delivered to let’s suppose 30k customers and 130k customers remain left, and then I send the 2nd newsletter with the same users then it’s delivered to the remaining users that have left before.

The customer pool isn’t renewing on the newsletter that I send. It sending it to the remaining ones.

It shortens the pool whenever I send the newsletter.

I hope everyone understands the problem.

Waiting for the solution.


Because Mautic doesn’t let you send the same newsletter with the same id to the same people.

If you want to send to the same people again, you need to create a new newsletter.

Hi Joeyk,

Thanks for responding to me back.

Just to let you know that we are not sending the same newsletter to the same people, we always create new newsletters but it keeps downsizing the audience.

Hi, downsizing = maybe bounces an unsubscribes?

As i mentioned earlier that mautic keeps shrinking the data whenever I sent a newsletters.

Let me give you a scenario.

I send 1st newsletter to 160k customers, lets assume it gets delivered to 30k customers and remaining ones left.

I send 2nd newsletter to again the same 160k audience but this time mautic will send it to the remaining 130k customers, not on the whole 160k audience.

Mautic isn’t renewing the audience.

I hope this makes you understand what’s the problem.

I apologize, I have to ask back.
If you send to 160k, why only 30k recieves the emails? What happens to the rest of the contacts? Bounce? Spambox?

What does this mean?
“I send 1st newsletter to 160k customers, lets assume it gets delivered to 30k customers and remaining ones left.”

It should work like this:

  • you create a newsletter nr1
  • create a segment called ‘newsletter’ with 160k contacts based on whatever filter you want (for example a tag)
  • send newsletter nr 1 to newsletter segment. 160k emails sent.

  • you create newsletter nr2.
  • send newsletter nr2 to the same segment 160k (minus bounces and unsubs) sent.


Just a thought, I wonder if this might be that the frequency rules are preventing the email being sent if you’re sending 2-3 marketing emails a week to the same people. Do you see a lot of contacts in ‘pending’ for the emails you’re sending? As mentioned above, if you have 160k in the segment and they all have an email address associated with their account, you should be seeing the email sending to 160k.

Maybe check your global email configuration settings and make sure that it’s not set to zero - set it to something like 10 per week or whatever is relevant to your business (so users won’t get more than 10 emails a week from you by default - they could choose to set this via the preference centre if you give them that option which overrides the global setting).

Could it be, that your mautic is sending faster than AWS permits? I’m not sure if this has already been fixed, as if not… then AWS will just drop some of them to keep you in their limit of mails/second. That is really an issue. A usual limit is 14mails/sec. However, with a fast server its likely you are quicker than that.

To my knowledge, so far there is no way to tell mautic yet to slow down sending.

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That issue has been resolved by running some commands.

Thanks for your help.

This reminds me of the old “handshaking” between things like modems and related tech, back in the day. It’s amazing all these yrs later, that getting two computers to synchronize should be so hard.

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