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Mautic sending Duplicate Emails. (Reaching millions now)

Your software
My Mautic version is: 2.15.2
My PHP version is: 7.0.33

Your problem
My problem is: Mautic is sending out duplicate emails that are reaching millions.

We have 32K emails in our Mautic contact segment. Yesterday, we noticed our campaigns were marked as sent however none of them were being read. Checking our Mailservice, it seemed it had died and we restarted it. We checked our historical data and the last email sent was on 2nd September with 2.4million emails and that was the last batch it sent until yesterday.

However, the reports since 2nd September was showing the amount of open and reads just fine. It was only yesterday it showed there was no opens and read. The reports between Mautic and our Mailservice are very contradicting.

2 problems have arisen

  1. Mautic is sending more emails than needed or necessary
  2. Mautic is also misreporting our emails for some reason. Our Mailservice is reporting nothing has been sent out or read since 2nd Sept yet Mautic is reporting otherwise up until yesterday.

It’s also still sending emails. The size of the emails are around 47.5Gb and it has only sent 7Gb, which by the way, our emails are not that big.

We don’t know what’s going on and we need insights or at least a clue to what is going. Can anyone please give us a lead?

Hi @jackreaperz and thanks for posting.

Sorry to hear about the problems you’re having!

Can you clarify if you are seeing emails backed up in your spool, waiting to be sent?

What cron jobs do you have, and are they reporting any errors?

Are there any errors in your Mautic or server logs?

Hi Ruth,

Thanks for the reply. I wanted to update that the issue has been resolved! Since yesterday, my team has been working since yesterday to try and figure things out. It turns out our custom path bounce address was changed to an incorrect email address, so what ended up happening was that Mautic failed to deliver a bounce message.

Which then created another bounce message and then failed to send, which created another bounce message about it and continued endlessly.

We killed our Mailservice because it was growing to the size of 47.5GB yesterday. The silver lining was that we never spammed our email users, but instead spammed our own mailservice.

I would like to consider this as solved and put this post for anyone who might one day face the problem. Check your email configurations. Apologies as well for such a minor mistake…

Oh dear, and whoops! A good learning point though! Glad you got to the bottom of it, and thanks so much for checking back in and sharing the solution in case others come across a similar problem!

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