Email delivery issue

When we send emails from Mautic to approx 1,00,000 recipients, it takes a few minutes to get added to the queue but hours to reach the audience mailbox. How do we make sure that the audience received our emails within a few minutes of sending them?

Not sure where to start.
I will try to point you in the right direction and you will have to do a lot’s of reading and educate yourself on these topics:

  1. List management and scalability, inboxing:
    Mautic lands in promotions or spam folders, seems to be impossible to tweak, any idea? - #17 by joeyk

  2. Sending faster with Mautic and how to
    Matching SES send rate

  3. Read more about how email sending works in Mautic in general
    This Is How Email Sending Works In Mautic - YouTube


  • don’t send too fast
  • your smtp provider might slow down your send
  • make sure you have the right infrastructure

I can’t improve upon Joey’s reply, I can only add to it.

There are a number of processes involved in sending large amounts of email. It’s batched and relayed to your smtp or the ESP you have setup. Every batch is controlled by cron options and frequency just to queue.
If you use SES for example to send 100000 emails at the standard rate of 14 per second it would still take 2 hours just to relay to SES. From there SES has its own timeframes to process and dispatch your emails to your recipients email host, and the email host has processes to relay to your recipients inbox. 3/4 of that process we have no control over.

It’s practically the same for all ESP as throttling incoming email speed makes it cheaper to manage spam filtering.

Im not aware of any mautic service or process that instantly sends 100,000 emails. That type of instant bulk send requires enterprise level, auto scaling tech not common in the open source marketing automation community. The enterprise level solutions cost a lot as well. Fast,Cheap,Reliable… pick 2