Email Dynamic Content Filter Criteria Missing

We are moving our data from v2.16.2 to a fresh install of v3.2.5 because we had a number of issues trying to upgrade.

As I have been setting up our campaigns in v3 I noticed that a number of the Filter Criteria for Dynamic Content in emails that were in v2.16.2 is no longer available. In particular, is the ability to filter by Contact Owner. We have been using this primarily to provide footers with custom contact info based on the Owner -in this case, it’s our sales reps.

We rely fairly heavily on the Owner field as a filter in emails. I’m wondering why it was removed, and if there are any plans to add this back in the future?

Upon looking more closely it appears that 29 different filtering criteria are no longer available for Dynamic Content in emails. Here are the ones that a missing.

Asset Download
Date Added
Date Identified
Device Model
Email Read Count
Email Read Date
Email Sent
Email Sent Date
Modified date
Page hit Source
Page hit source ID
Page sessions
Page title
Subscribed Categories
URL as redirect
URL from email
URL from landing page
UTM Campaign
UTM Content
UTM Medium
UTM Source
UTM Term
Unsubscribed Manual - Email
Visited URL Count
Visited URL Date
Visited URL Referer

Possibly related, Tags is missing from the dynamic web content filters.