Filters for dynamic content

I watched Marnie Baxter’s presentation on Dynamic content which was very interesting. However the filters I see in our installation are quite different from what she showed, and unfortunately much less useful.

We’re running 3.3.3 and when I click dynamic content within an e-mail I’m offered 6 filers

Date Last Active
First Name
Last Name

It would be great to not have to create a bunch of very similar e-mails, so I want to ask the world if there’s a way to activate more filters than what I’m seeing. What I really need is things like segment, tag and custom fields where I can sync data from our CRM.

If it isn’t possible does anyone know if what Marnie showed will be part of an upcoming release. It seemed like it would be a huge improvement.

Marnie would have been using Acquia’s fork of Mautic called Campaign Studio.

The Acquia team was asked repeatedly whether some of the features they were showing in Campaign Studio would come to Mautic. Most of the time the answer was no. With that said Acquia is still the biggest contributor to Mautic. But, based on what I heard from diff members of the Acquia team, don’t hold your breath waiting for Campaign Studio features to arrive in Mautic. I guess this is to give Acquia a competitive advantage which is understandable.

Of course, the community is free to develop our own features if there are the skills and the desire.