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Email Dynamic content using external xml file

Hi all,
i was wondering if there is a way to use an external xml file in a dynamic content block or an email itself.

I have a client that would like to use a xml file to save the email data, e.g. an special offer for each lead.
Could be something similar to:

Speciar offer for lead 1
Speciar offer for lead 2

And in the block access the data using the lead fields.
This file could be uploaded to Mautic installation or in an accessible place.

I did this in the past using xslt and i was wondering if there is a plugin or another workaround to get something similar work. It doesn’t need to be an xml, could be a json or any structured code.

Thanks in advance

Check this article, it can help:

  1. You would parse the file info before campaign, fill out the right promo in a custom field
  2. Make your send and insert custom field.
  3. Rinse and repeat.
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