Email Queue + SMTP

My Mautic version is: 4.4.6
My PHP version is:
My Database type and version is: PostgreSQL

My problem is:

Hi guys, my hostgator SMTP allows me to send 500 emails per hour, I tried to queue up the emails to send 125 per 15 minutes, I put the cron job mautic:emails:send but my emails are not coming through, can someone help me with this?

I’m a beginner here, so if I’m doing something wrong, can someone please show me what settings to put in order to send 500 emails per hour?


If you run the cron every 5 min, then you have all together 12 command executions.
500 / 12 = 41.666 = 41 email / execution.

So your cron should be: message limit for queue processing: 41

If you run the cron every minute, then you have 60 command executions.
500 / 60 = 8.3 = 8 email / execution.

So your cron should be: message limit for queue processing: 8

Let me know if that works for you.


Hi Joeyk,

I put the message limit for queue processing on 40 and set the cron job to run every 5 min, it says that the message was sent, however, I haven’t received it.

That’s the cron jobs I’m using.

It seems like it arrived now and landed in spam

Probably an SMTP related thing, can you tell me if these cron jobs are good please? And if not, what to change?

Is used only if you are sending webhooks. If you don’t, you can delete them.

Is the old format of mautic:segments:update. I would rather use that.



I would not use this, It’s probably obsolete

Are you using monitored inboxes (Check if people answered your emails)?
If not, you can delete this.

This is fine, if you have the Maxmind DB installed.
If not, then you should install it :slight_smile:

Good. But I would run it more frequently.
This depends on how many segments / contacts you have.
Keep it if you are happy, that only every 20 min your segments are refreshed.

What? Again? Why?

Are you using Twitter with Mautic? If not, you can remove this.

One more thing.
As you can see campaign update, campaign trigger and segments update will happen at the same time at 20, 40, 00 of the hour. It is so much better to run the commands seperated in time:

From the documentation:

It is HIGHLY recommended that you stagger the following required jobs so as to not run the exact same minute.

For instance:

- 0,15,30,45 <— mautic:segments:update
- 5,20,35,50 <— mautic:campaigns:update
- 10,25,40,55 <— mautic:campaigns:trigger

You can also read more about cron here:

Thank you!