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Hourly Limits


I am going to do cold mailing So I am looking to send only 1 email every hour So how can I acheive this.
as per my research I know it can be done from here Please check the screenshot for the same.

I know someone did this but I am new with this thing.

Please guide.


Please help me to setup this I am little bit confused about this.


Hey there

You need to use a combination of the settings in your screen shot and the correct cronjob to send email.

So for your example you would want to setup your cronjob to trigger once per hour:

add this line to your crontab:
1 */1 * * * php /var/www/mautic/bin/console mautic:emails:send > /dev/null

What this will do is trigger the send command once per hour at 1 minute past every hour.

Inside your settings you have defined it to 1 message per question processing.

Well, I understand the cronjob part very well.

I want to understand the part I mentioned in the above screenshot.

Can anyone explain above to me?


The point in the above screenshot that is relevant (to my understanding) is the number of emails to be sent per queue (Message limit for queue processing).

This means that each time the cronjob is fired this is how many emails will be sent