Email Templates that change based on Owner

I’m trying to make my email templates based on the owner of the emails. Specifically, we use calendly for sending calendar links that show the availability of the sales team. I’d like the emails to automatically change the calendly link shown based on the contact owner.

I checked the email template variables but I don’t see any variables relating to owner. I then tried to use the Advanced Templates Bundle and I was hoping to access an owner_id or something via TWIG but that didn’t work either.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

With Mautic 3.1 we now have the ability to use owner information in email templates! Luckily our calendly links are all the same except for the first name of the sales rep. So I was able to accomplish this using the following href link in my email templates:{ownerfield=firstname}/intro

After sending out a campaign using this, turns out there are bugs preventing this from working as of version 3.1.0. Looks like there’s a partially broken pull request at the link below that will resolve this…

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