Create custom fields for user (not contact)

Hey I am using Mautic for about 6 months now.

I have shifted my complete team to Mautic. They are using the campaign as created by me.

However in each email we generally share an Calendar Link for booking a meeting.
These links are unique to each user.

Is there a way that I can add custom field for Users? Or any work around through which I can use a field variable in the email to call respective values.

For Example:

  • User Sam can have a Calenar link : www.calenar. com/sam
  • User John can have a Calenar link : www.calenar. com/john

Now I can use the tag |user-meeting-link| in my email to call these link based on the owner of the contact.

Is there a way to do this ?

I have not tested myself, but this plugin promises to be able to create custom tokens:

I am not very technical so I don’t want to add anything outside offical channel.
Anyother solution is welcomed

You can replace the signature content with the meeting link and use {signature} token to display it.

Yes we tried that but the problem is that Mautic behaves wierdly.
So we created a mail and Toggles YES for “Use Owner as Mailer” and still it sends mail with System Default credentials. Hence we are unable to use the same email for different team mates.

So if we have 3 owners then we have to create 3 different copies of the same emails.

You could also use the owner tokens:{ownerfield=firstname}

Just make sure you have a fallback set up when there is no owner set.
I guess this shoudl work with the |sign. But did not test that.

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You can use this in email - www.calenar. com/{contactfield=firstname} , then it will send meeting link to contact in email.

URL/{username} is not always in our control so it may now be the exact name always.

Nonetheless, I am guessing there is no official way, we have to do it with work arounds.