Signatur on Multi Instance is always taken from System entry

Mautic 5.0.4
Php 8.1.27

I have a multi user instance and at the moment, not the signatures from the owner are transmitted, but always the default signature from the Mautic settings.

In my e-mail i use the {signaure} synthax and in the mail options this is on yes

Owner as Mailer

Are there any adjustments in the role settings of the user or is it a bug?

That function is only about the sender, not about the signature. Did you use the {tokens} in your mail to get replaced when sending the mail?

Yes - every mail has at the end these links:


I’d like that Mautic uses the personal signature of every user - written in the account details of the user. What do i have to set - what did i forget?

Give it a try with {ownerfield=signature}

Doesn’t work.
{ownerfield=signature} brings:

Ownerfield Preview

I mean that the option “use owner as mailer” should automatically choose the signatur of the owner.

I mean, that is a bug.

Did you send a real mail or a test mail? Tokens will not be replaced in test mails.
I just tested it and it replaced the mentioned token just fine with the value from the user profile:

OK - it works, but with some bugs:

  1. Bug: Signatur uses not line feed
  2. Bug: The {ownerfield=signature} does not shown the signatur in the preview.

For my newsletter i use a sequment mail.
Bevor sending i have to look how the mail is displayed.

the {signature} token displays the signatur (of the system)
The {ownerfield=signature} doesn’t work in the preview.

I mean there a 2 Bugs in this case. Are you agree?

In sequment e-mail the preview displays:


Preview signature



  1. yes confirmed, its a bug. Please open an issue in Github.
    (If you want to speed things up, a bounty may catch interest for developers in the community to fix that bug.)
  2. Is not a bug. Its working as designed. Its a dynamic field, which is different depending on the receivers owner. Also other tokens will only get replaced with a real sending process.

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