Email Unsubscribe-Header and Email-Type outside of Campaigns

Mautic-Version: Version 4.4.11

Hello, i learned that the List-Unsubscribe Header is set automatically from Mautic as of Version 4.4.11, depending on the Email-Type (Transactional/Marketing) which can be defined in the “Send Mail”-Action in the Campaign-Builder.

This means, that Mautic will automatically add the Unsubscribe-Header for Send-Email-Actions of Type Marketing, and will not set this Header if the Type is ‘Transactional’.

But there are also Emails which are not sent by a Campaign->Send-Email-Action, for example Emails created in this Section of Mautic:

Bildschirmfoto 2024-01-25 um 15.34.25

can be send by clicking on a Button:
Bildschirmfoto 2024-01-25 um 15.35.24

In my local Test i found that for this usecase, the Unsubscribe-Header is set. Is there a way to prevent this, e.g. to somehow set the Email-Type to ‘Transactional’ without needing to setup a Campaign?

Hi there!

These emails (segment emails) are considered to be bulk mail, because you’re sending to a list of people (segment) rather than one-to-one, which is the nature of transactional emails. So therefore, they should be sent using the unsubscribe header.

Hi @rcheesley,

I’ve set up a campaign that sends an email to a specific segment, and configured the email as ‘transactional.’ However, I noticed that the unsubscribe header is still visible when viewing the email in the inbox. My understanding is that the unsubscribe header should be exclusive to ‘marketing emails.’ Could you clarify if this is a configuration issue or expected behavior?

Thank you!

What version of Mautic are you using @dot_mautic_234 ?

We’re using: v4.4.11, @rcheesley

Hi there!
for my business there will be a really big problem - if “Unsubscribe-Header” will be only in segment emails.
Above 95% sent emails are going through Campaigns, even If segment e-mails going to above 3000 of contacts.
Can you give in Mautic option to turn off/on this Unsubscribe-header individualy for every e-mail? (by default turned on)

Hello, I think the plan is to have a distinct separation between transactional and marketing.
In M5 the marketing emails will have unsub header and transactional won’t. Same with “Bulk” header.

A marketing email is:

  • segment email
  • campaign email with marketing setting on

Transactional email is:

  • form response emails
  • direct email
  • campaign email with transactional setting on