Is it possible to remove list-unsubscribe header from recipients email?

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to remove the list-unsubscribe header from the recipient’s email? The picture of what I’m talking about is below.
list-unsubscribe header

Let me clarify a little bit. Is Mautic able to send an email without the list-unsubscribe header?

There is a Pull Request which add’s this functionality, I have used it.

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Try to remove the unsubscribe from your template completely.
But I would like to underline, that this can land you in spam:


You should not remove that link: you will increase probability of being marked as a spammer.

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I’m using Mautic at the moment to send emails manually (one by one) and be able to follow if they have been opened (like with bananatag or activecampaign).
I have the impression that the unsubscribe element added to my email is the cause of the email being put in Promotions in gmail.

Do you also experience that?
How can I set Mautic to not add this element for these manual emails?

Thanks in advance!

Yes it is possible, you can search for it in the code. But this is really dangerous.
I can only see benefit to this if you NEVER EVER send more than 100-200 emails / day and you do it REALLY REALLY slow.
There is a long conversation about this in this forum:

Good luck to you!

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Hi! Thanks for your answer :wink: