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Encrypted link to landing page with email as unique identifier

tl;dr I need to find out how to encrypt urls that lead to landing pages.

I am creating a workflow by which customers who took part in a certain training receive an email that then links to a landing page with an embedded form to update their contact information and aswer further questions.

It works fairly well. I have a campaign that sends out the emails. Each email has a link to the landing page with ?email={leadfield=email|true} appended. The link works well and the form on the landing page is actually pre-filled with the old values.

However, the link itself is a major security issue as is. Anyone with guessign the email of a client is able to reconctruct the necessary URl to reach the landing page and it will autofill the private values of the owner of the email address pasted into the URI.

What I need in proper URl encryption for the link to the landing page. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find out how to do that. I would appreciate any hints.


I am not aware that Mautic has such a feature built-in. But if you are a fearless coder, you might try and integrate this one here :