Error While Manual Bulk Contact Upload

We are running Mautic 3 on Amazon AWS, and facing this issue.

We are uploading contacts in specific segments via CSV files.

The upload works fine up to around 10k contacts in a single file BUT if there are more than 10k contacts, it breaks & we start getting 504 time out error

And the import stops somewhere in the middle

We have files with up to 50k contacts, how do we upload such large files without breaking the system?

Anyone facing such error, and what’s the solution?


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Hi Malik,

Are you uploading using the cron-based import, or browser based? See here for documentation. With any large import, cron-based is highly recommended.

What are the error messages you are seeing in your Mautic or server logs please? This will help us to track down whether it is a server config or Mautic issue.

Did this work fine on Mautic 2.x and just start happening since you upgraded to Mautic 3.x ?

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Thanks for the reply @rcheesley! I am the marketing guy, I am forwarding this to my tech guy.

We are using browser update right now, we shall try corn-based updates as you suggested.

Thanks again!

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