Execute event in campaign at relative time based on condition

Hey, i have a campaign that send the user email every 2 days.
So there is an email that wait 2 days with marketing set on 1 so if the user already got the mail i won’t send it again.


Now my problem is that some of the users already got some of the mails.
When something like that is happen the way it works is like this:

If the user didn’t got the mail everything work well and and if we have 3 mails he will get each mail in 2 days intervals.

Now if i already sent the user the second mail than he will get the first one, wait 2 days and won’t get the second one (it was already send) and then he will get the third one after 4 more days.

I want to be able to detect if the mail was sent and based on that he the mail was send wait 2 days and not 4 on the third mail.

I was thinking about giving tag to each mail with the email id and check if the mail was sent but found out i have no way to connect it to the third mail because you can’t connect 2 actions into one.

I have tried finding solution to this problem few times but i guess this one will be the last.
Does anyone has a clever idea on how i can accomplish that.

2 Things here:

  1. attemps is used for frequency setting. For example a contact is to set max 1 email / day, but for some reason 2 emails would be dispatched to this person. In this case the email is rescheduled for next day. Attempts regulate how many times an email can be rescheduled.
  2. you can use a jump to event as connecting 2 events.

Thanks for your help @joeyk playing with the settings is something i rather not do as it effect all the campaigns so i rather not do that options.

The second option is really clever. Didn’t know about event.
I will need to test it out but i guess that jump to event will continue the rest of the campaign from that event and if so that works well.

Will test it out tomorrow, you rock thank you.

You can set a condition too on left side , that is if first mail already send , then jump from that condition to last one that is send second mail, use jump object in campaign.

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