Extend webhook action to support JSON APIs

The opportunity is: I’d extend the webhook campaign action to support JSON APIs. Right now, it can only send form-encoded payloads (like a form submission).

Webhook action: POST https://example.com/api/create, body: {"some": "JSON body"}
Response (also JSON): {"id": "xyz"}

Separately, I’d like to be able to use parts of the JSON response to those webhooks in a subsequent campaign action (in an email tag, for example). This (unrelated) post is asking for the same thing: Mautic campaign Webhooks

It is based in: Anywhere/remote

Remote OK?: Yes

Salary/remuneration: Please provide me with an estimate for the work, or we can determine an hourly rate.

To find our more: DM me or email ibraude+mautic@medullan.com
We have a list of other enhancements and defects in Mautic that we’re willing to pay for as well.

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